Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday November 5 : This is the month

Finally, we turned the giant fridge calendar to uncover ..... November!! It was like trumpets going off. We are now crosssing off the days and counting down (25 more sleeps) until we move in.
Quick post this morning. The latest:

Booked movers. Best movers ever - we've moved a lot, and we have used these guys multiple times. If you are moving in our area any time soon .... use Adam's Movers. Owner is a great guy who treats his employees very well. The result is a moving company that really cares.

In other news, our downstairs kitchen arrived from Direct Buy. Was on time. Of course, we hope to have an "after" shot very soon. Planning to install it this weekend, if the stars align correctly.

Also underway, the downstairs entrance stairs were built, the back entrance has now been made possible.

A little stressed about the quartz and marble counters. It seems our original (like, two months ago) request for a quote was never recieved (GRrrr.... DB!!) so we have taken the reins and are now hoping they will come through for us. Will know today. Schedule for move in is now tight, Tanner and his team of installers coming on Monday for the cabinetry, we need to template the counters, and then they need enough time to order and get them ready for installation. It's one of the last pieces of the puzzle -- counters installation currently scheduled for Nov. 26th, move in date is November 27th. No time for delays!

Stay tuned.

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  1. Kellie you are amazing and your home is going to be fantastic! I hope you don't mind but your blog has inspired me to a blog of our own on the renovation of our home over the next few months! I may need some renovation advise from you as you have been through it already!