Wednesday, November 11, 2009

November 11 - Hive of Activity

As my ten-going-on-sixteen year old daughter would say: "O.M.G. - it's totally awesome."

The kitchen is going in - started this week and now is actually there, in place. As we speak they are drilling, measuring, installing. Squeeeee.
Here (left) is what it looked like last night all lined up:

And here is what it takes to put it all in - a virtual hive of activity at the house today:

And as my four year old would say "it's super nice". He says "super" for everything. He's super hungry, he super likes it, he's super tired. It is, though. I am thrilled beyond my wildest dreams at how it is coming together. I still can't believe it's ours and we will get to live there. Feels very, very strange.
I am getting super excited, though.

Our one glitch is the counters - we are installing quartz and marble counters in various places all over the house, all the bathrooms, three different places in the kitchen - the kitchen island actually has three levels with three different kinds of counters - two colour of quartz and butcher block. We also have stainless steel counters on either side of the stove area (you can see them under wraps in the first picture).

The large past of the island has quartz "wrapped" around the whole thing, so it will look like the island legs are made of quartz. It's very nice, but kind of complex. The installers ( have to template everything and then will take a few weeks to measure, cut and get it ready to install.
We are really hoping it takes closer to two weeks, to coincide with our move in date on the 27th. Three weeks puts us living there with no counters for a week - not the end of the world, but there are counters everywhere ... not just the kitchen. The counter guy said it would only take a half day to install them all ...... it's just getting it started. All the bases will be in by Friday, so they can come and template, then go and do their thing. Haven't heard from them yet, fingers crossed. Every day counts.
In other news, our landscaping is underway. Check out our front walkway:

And our side walkway (narrow, huh?) our foreman, Rick is building the stairs - this entrance is to our mudroom and is the one we will use day to day. Front one is just for fancy people.

Driveways go in on Friday. Ours and our neighbours. Imagine, we will have a driveway to call our own in a few days. Exciting.

Meanwhile Roger and his son continue working on our exterior. They took a break for a few days, Roger wasn't feeling 100%, but they are back today. We think their work is excellent and love having them on site every day. Really great, talented and hard working guys. Here is the cedar they put on the ceiling and sides of the covered deck:

Much more to come today - am too busy for words. Will have pictures of the downstairs (installed) kitchen. The husband worked on it all weekend and it's in!
More later,

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