Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 27th: Very, very early on moving day

Forgive errors for this post. Forgive no pictures.
It's late, like, 2 am. Just got back from a gruelling night. Heading to bed, am exhausted, but first must wind down a bit with a post. It went something like this:
pack entire kitchen (total of 16 boxes), drink one glass of white wine provided by Monique, cart two huge carloads of stuff (mostly fun new stuff) to new house, assess situation. The husband and I agree that there is no possible way we can move our brand new stuff and our children into the complete and utter mess that is our new home.
We pace and think a bit, then, slightly overwhelmed by the challenge of cleaning a 2900 sq ft. construction site, we start small. One room. The guest room. Empty so doesn't take too long. We have to pull up the floor coverings, sweep, vacuum, scrape bits and then spray some bamboo cleaning stuff and give it a damp mopping.
One room.
Then we do the same to the husband's office and then both kids' rooms .. while there we assemble the rooms, place the lamps and rugs etc. and the husband even assembles the remaining Ikea piece - a fold out futon chair thing for under the ten year old's loft bed (for sleepovers, of course). Both rooms are looking fab, hope the kids like them. We have a moving tradition of having their rooms completely done when they get home from school on moving day. It's exciting and they love it. Tomorrow I'll unpack their rooms first. ... fun for me, too.

Then, we move to our masterbedroom and bathroom and closet. Same thing, only we have to move tons of construction gear, extra tile, extra trim, pices of closet (extra I hope) wood, paint cans etc. out. Not fun.
Then we pull up the floor protection and do the drill. Room is huge, and it takes forever. It's now after one am at this point. I am starting to get that very, deep achey feeling in my body that I used to get only after a ten hour shift waitressing in university days. We have to assemble the bed. It arrived and we need to prepare it for the mattresses. Room is really big, even with the king size bed in. I had no idea. Room is looking better, though. Like a real bedroom.
The husband and I assemble the bed. I am feeling nauseous and getting shaky. It's almost one thirty now ... I have to go home. Big, big day tomorrow. Movers arrive at storage locker at 830 and it's in the middle of the suburbs somewhere ...

i know the husband will stay up all night, or close to it. We still need to clean out the TV room, ready for the orange sectional (which I am terrified is going to be hideous). He may even straighten out the garage and do the mudroom and kids bathroom ... If I know him well, he'll crash for two hours or so on the newly put together Ikea futon bed/chair .....

He does these things. It's for our family. That's how he rolls.

Morning will tell. Now for sleep.


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