Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 17th "The Reveal "

Followers, as promised, a photo tour .... my hand is cramping from downloading pictures. I will post all that I have for you to view today. Comments appreciated!

Let's start with one of my favourite rooms ... the laundry room. Notice the shiny little pig - he's my piggy bank - an essential item in an laundry room, non? All that loose change. He's pretty full already, we plan to do something special en famille with the cash ...

Can I say how much I enjoy laundry now that I have such a lovely place to sort, clean and fold?

I also spend some laundry time in here - the TV room, which is at the top of the stairs. We've had this set up before in other homes, and it's great, espcially for evenings, when we can all be upstairs together. The orange couch is working out wonderfully well. We still need some kind of coffee table, I have my eye out for a vintage tulip table I think. I want to make sure we feel we can put our feet up on it, as well as any kind of snack ... without worrying about mess.

And now the master bedroom and bathroom. Love all the tiles. The toasty warm heated floors have been great, too. The pebbles feel like a foot massage and are the same as the floor in the downstairs powder room.

And our bedroom ... the wall paper is still feeling lovely and fuzzy.

By now the excitement has surely faded, and really, I am sure most of my loyal followers have long abandoned me (or have seen the results personally ..) however, I promised to post the finished rooms, and post I must.

We recently hosted a fundraising event for a local hospital, and the occasion lent itself to taking some photos while everything was still in place. Here are some of the main floor, in no particular order, which is open and consists of the living room, kitchen, dining room, desk/planning centre, and bar area. Here we go ..

The planning centre features a TV that turns into a computer screen. We go back and forth all the time with ease. Highly recommended.

The pictures of the library area feature the front of the house, the book shelves and great chairs we got in Toronto.

You will also have seen our "wine drinking chairs" which are near the bar area. I am happy to report, as predicted, we NEVER sit in them. We do, however, bring them up to the dining room table when we have larger groups to dinner.

Last but not least, the mudroom .... every mother's favourite life saving room. We actually had to tweak this a bit, it wasn't working for us at first. Drawers were too small for much gear and we had waaaayyyyy too many shoes and boots in the winter. We solved this by using a white metal coat rack for snow pants etc. and a few addtional baskets for the mitts etc. (the husband is tall - so his were kept over head.)

We are thinkig about a long term plan to lose the desk (where we currently charge cell phones and where the husband keeps his pants pocket "contents" .. with a unit that is all cubbies. Will check the costs of this and see if it's feasible. For next winter, we willl have to do something to address the lack of adequate space. This is probably the only area of the house that I am a tad disappointed in - it looks great, but isn't as functional as I'd like it to be. Should have paid more attention to how we would actually use the space. See for yourselves ...

The white pots with plants (fake!) can be seen through the window in the powder room!

Lastly, the kids rooms.

Same core colour (kind of a tiffany blue, actually)

But with different accent colours. brown and lime green.

Their rooms are small, but well planned.

They have room for everything they need.

I like the way they turned out and feel they reflect their individual personalities.