Thursday, November 26, 2009

Nov. 26 - 1 pm - 24 hours to go - Are We Crazy?

Yes, 24 hours. You read that right. Tomorrow. Cabinetry is in. Closets are in and assembled.

Check out the master bedroom closet. See the purse holder under the window? I'm not sure I have purses nice enough for that purse holder... most of mine are from Winners! Can't wait to have a great closet again - we had a huge walk in two houses ago, last house was small, but nicely organized. This one is nicely organized, walk-in, and has a window! I may never leave that closet.

So the kitchen is in and assembled, and appliances supposed to be moved into place this afternoon. ONE MORE toilet will be installed tomorrow - so that's two, more than enough ... Won't really have any working sinks, except for downstairs - where we have a kitchen sink and bathroom sink. Need the counters for the sinks. All in good time ...
There is still the glass back splash, and the hood fan, that all have to come together sometime soon - not before we move in, I think, though.

Working from home today, so just stopped by to bring over some pizza for the crews working flat out to help us get done by tomorrow. Will do another post later today or this evening.

My wonderful friend Monique is coming by to help pack the kitchen. That's pretty much all that's left.

We may not have counters, but we DO have a really, really nice dining room light. It's made of shells and its from the Philippines. You may remember an earlier picture, it looks like a flower.

I think it's really beautiful, adds tons of texture to the room. Please note the husband in full business suit, helping install when he stopped by at lunch:

While he was there, he might as well help Mark, our project manager, install the microwave:

Did I tell about the microwave? It's a drawer. The door pulls out instead of swinging open. We installed in in our island, supposed to be very convenient. I think it will feel weird.

Right now - it's kind of bedlam over there. It's pretty hard to imagine us actually delivering furniture there tomorrow ...

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