Monday, November 16, 2009

November 16 - More progress

As promised, here is a pic of our stair railings. These are actually just the "rough" version of them. They install them loosely, get them perfect, then take them down and grind down the bumps where the attachments are visible, then buff and powder coat them. They bring them back and do a permanent installation.
They will be a stainless steel colour, much like the garage door. We will also be putting tempered glass panels in. It's extraordinarily meticulous work. We love the result. Our railing company is called Dunbar Railings:

We are hoping to get them to do our exterior railings as well.

Below is a pic of the front landscaping - including new driveway. There is still some slab work to be completed to match up with landscaped side. Nice to see some green there finally - with the boxwood border. Not sure what we'll do inside these, that is a spring decision.

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