Saturday, November 28, 2009

November 28th - Good Night's Sleep

Note: Wrote this post the day after our move at some ungodly hour the Sunday morning morning. Didn't have the photos, so am just adding them now.
We're here. The bed is here. The mattresses are here. The couches are here. Waited for them all day, those couches. Was quite worried about them - given I'd essentially ordered them from a catalogue (Direct Buy). Wasn't sure how the colour, size, scale, and placement would all come together. They didn't arrive until very late yesterday, after four. We'd all but given up on them.

See for your self, here is orange one:

Our new bed is pretty great too. Slept like a baby in it last night. Slept WITH a baby last night, too. The four year-old, soon to be five year-old is just not sure about the new digs. LOVES his room, but not sure about it all, I think. We let him stay with us for one night .... give him some time to feel more comfortable.

New bed:

No window coverings on bedroom windows - THAT feels strange. Must order blinds immediately.

Speaking of, the kids went bananas yesterday when they got to see the house for the first time. It was like Christmas. We had the video camera going, Will try to see if I can post video later. They were running from room to room, checking it out. We hadn't really shown them around for a few weeks, so it was a big surprise.

Much more to report, will do in dribs and drabs over the next four days. We are still very much in a state of flux in terms of finishing things. Like, mainly we have no kitchen upstairs, we are using the one downstairs (which we had to clean out and "reveal" last night). Today's plan is to unpack what we need down there so we can function for a week or so.


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