Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 22 - I know, I know ... I haven't been posting ...

Things HAVE been a bit crazy, but really, not too many pictures to show you over the past week. Things are sort of the same - must more cabinetry installation. Really, we've been shopping. And shopping.

Last weekend was shopping crunch time - we needed hooks and towel racks and baskets and pulls and light bulbs and door handles and rugs and throw pillows and shower curtains and plate racks and organizers and and and ...

Here we are at Home Depot (photo courtesy of the ten year old who stole her dad's IPhone ...)

Here is the four year old, yukking it up at Home Depot. Great hat, huh?

Here's the four year old, again, "shopping"for TVs and stuff with his dad. Bored. That's his new bath duck. He told the lady at the store his "old duck burned down". That's a nice one to try to explain to strangers in mere seconds. Always a bit embarrassing to talk about.
I can't even begin to explain what happened at the TV store - the husband is in charge of this area. There's a "system" - I think I will have to have him explain. Perhaps a guest blog?? Husband - you up to it??

So where are we?
We move in this Friday - we will be missing a few things, counters mainly. They are scheduled for the 1st of Dec - three days later. We decided we could live with this, although it was touch and go for a while.
I long wanted our move in day to be like Ty Pennington's Extreme Home Makeover - with a "Move. That. Truck." thing and the entire house all set up.
See, the setting up is my favourite part. It really appeals to my inner type A, anal side. I love sorting and organizing.
The husband and I have moved a few times over the years. We are rather good at it by now. So, I thought we could do it really smoothly. Especially since we aren't moving that much from our rental home. In essence, this move is actually a series of deliveries, mostly new stuff.
I've been sorting through our stuff in the rental, and I swear the first few months after the fire are such a blur, I can hardly remember which stuff is ours and which was given and which belongs to our landlord. I've decided to just move what we are taking first - clothing, some furniture, outdoor stuff, sports equipment and kitchen and bathroom stuff - and then deal with the rest after. We are keeping the house for a while so it's no real hurry.
So for a time, we debated postponing by a week so that everything would be perfectly ready for us. However, it's almost as logistically inconvenient to re-schedule an entire move as it is to live in some disarray for a few days - so we opted to proceed. And also, I was sure if we postponed we'd also just be post poning the finishing as well. So, off we go.
Four more sleeps.
Here is the exterior as of this morning. Looks great - don't think they'll be all done by Friday, but close enough. They will finish up early next week.

And here are the newly installed railings - all polished and nice. The glass gets installed sometime - not sure when exactly.

Cabinetry is the big thing - lots of pressure to get them done by end of day Thursday. We'll see how it goes - it's a big week for them.
We still have tile and grout in places - have spent the past few days chasing down this subway tile bullnose tile. Went to no less than 20 stores, finally got it at one of the Home Depots. We also had the wrong tile delivered - for the powder room - and we had to wait for it to come in again.
Tiles will finish up in a few days. There's on going toilet installation and plumbing stuff, plus fireplaces, and other various infrastructure stuff. Always ongoing painting and touch ups.
More pictures tomorrow. Will have to use the husband's phone, mine takes terrible, foggy pictures.

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