Thursday, November 26, 2009

November 26th - A very long evening methinks

Update: So, it's the end of the day now. I haven't been over there since noon - the husband tells me he thinks things are in good shape. Here's the inside of the ten year old's closet. Notice that Tanner painted the backs of them - same colour as the walls. He couldn't face the span of white - it looks great and I am so glad he is a perfectionist! She is going to love it.

For now, I am facing packing. Packing the kitchen and packing all the coats and shoes and hats and stuff. After packing, the husband and I are heading over to the new house to pull up the floor protectors (in places) and do a quick vacuum and dust - to ready the place for the furniture.

The bed arrived earlier this afternoon, apparently. The wallpaper - which was supposed to be up by now - didn't. So, we have a giant white wall behind our bed, where the funky wallpaper was supposed to go.

So we don't have wall paper, but we do have: An almost finished desk area (pic actually from Wednesday .. it's all done now) to give you an idea of what this is like.
It's right beside the kitchen in the open room, I call it "command central" or we call it the "planning centre. Whatever it's called, it's pretty nice. We'll keep the family computer there, craft stuff, recipe books, family files .... the stuff. All the stuff that I like to tuck away, but always creeps up. This time I am taming that beast! Look at all that storage. We'll have two chairs there and there's room for our work laptops, in the event we want to do some work there. There are to be no cords in our planning centre - everything is wireless, so I am told. My pet peeve, tangly wires and cords everywhere. The drawers on the left will hold the printer and other things, to get them out of the way. I need art above it. No idea what is going there.

Dinner almost done. Monique on her way. Gotta go.


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