Monday, November 16, 2009

November 15 - Is Calm Around the Corner?

Check out the finished landscaping on one side ... the fence is even back up. Looks so clean and nice. Have photos of the front to come tomorrow, we have plants! Stay tuned.

On the left, we have the new back deck stairs and - very faintly - the new tree we planted. Not as large as the big on at the back, but just as pretty.

So, sadly, I am writing this at 3 am, looking at a stack of cardboard boxes and realizing .... crap, I've got to MOVE. Moving. Again. Sigh.
We are big movers - the husband and I. Those who know us well, already know this. We are a bit nomadic that way, hard to keep our attention for long. We love new experiences and get excited at the promise of new surroundings on a regular basis. In 15 years of marriage and co-habitation we have lived in two apartments and six houses - if you include the rental we are now in waiting to get "back" to our actual - and presumably - forever address. Never say never, of course, but the new house stands a very good chance of gaining the acclaimed "forever" house label.

Did I show you the painted hot tub? Much better don't you think? We had a 16 degree day last Sunday and painted away on our sunny deck.

So back to 3:30 am musings.

The more I walk around the new space, the more I am getting a feel for what it will be like to live there. Each home has a certain personality or aura about it. This one is exuding a sense of calm. Maybe it's the colours and airy spaces. Maybe it's the imagined state of life beyond "this" - this constant state of flux - all the decision making, scheduling, updating, list-making, shopping, picking and hunting, arranging, delivering and physical labour (more the husband than me) and just mostly a complete and utter lack of time ....

We are normally busy people, let's be clear. Even without a new home build, we aren't exactly the sit around in our jammies kind of people (but man, does that sound nice right now ...!) and, I expect, never will be. But the husband and I joke about the post-move state and how we have totally exaggerated life beyond the move. "In the new house ...." precedes every sentence. We will have time again, we will read again, we will entertain again, we will exercise again, we will be able to resume some of the activities we dropped, the kids will be happier, the dog better behaved ..... a sense of calm will prevail.
Like the ten going on sixteen year-old says:

Any sense of calm has left me completely for now, however. It IS 3:30 am after all. The boxes are over there and it is kind of hitting me that I have to fill them up with our stuff. And then unpack them. The hodge podge of this move will be strange. Most of the stuff in our rental was generously donated to us and we are going to do our best to see that this stuff finds a good and worthy home. The rest -mostly clothes, books, kitchen stuff, toys, sports equipment and linens etc. - will have to be packed and moved. Our current living room looks like a warehouse - chairs and boxes, lamps and rugs. There are just too many deliveries to coordinate -we still have to get those chairs from Toronto. I have just under two weeks to do it, and I have started to fill about ten boxes so far ... but man, oh man, it's seeming like a crushing task.

To cheer myself, here are some snaps of the finished downstairs bathroom, the one in the nanny/nana/guest suite. The husband installed on Saturday and I really love the cabinet and mirror. Even better, it was a huge sale item.

Meanwhile, this week-end the work continued. Check out the tile wall in the dining room the husband completed on Saturday. Love it, looks great and really adds warmth to the space. Which is weird, because it's made of stone.

Must go to sleep now. Tomorrow will have pics of the railings that got temporarily installed over the weekend. And a drive way is coming tomorrow morning. And more cabinetry. And an update on blinds. Will the fun never end?

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