Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30: Gaga over Garaga

The garage doors are in! The garage doors are in!

This means we are now totally enclosed. This means we can turn on the heated floors (well, it would if the heated floor guy who has gone awol shows up.) If we can turn on the heated floors, it means the hardwood floors installers can start Monday. Yes, floors. Actual floors. But I'll get to those in a minute.

For now, check out the front garage door. Love it. So streamlined,, so smooth. Hope it stays that way and the kids don't make kid on bike indentations on it for a while. We ordered from Garaga (fun to say). They were installed in one day.

But the piece de resistance is the back garage door, the back opening off the dining room area. It's our riskiest idea. I haven't seen this one myself just yet - will head over after work today - but the husband sent me these pictures. It's kind of hard to see from this pics ... but it looks nice and bright and I am very glad about this.

Here it is from the back, first. Really like the black - we had to get it sprayed, so I am glad it turned out well. This is the view from the exterior back deck.

Here it is from inside: It's very galvanized, don't you think?

So, with the installation of these doors, we can now turn on the heat. And the installers can start on the floors on Monday. This is the huge pile of flooring now sitting in the living room:

Here is the flooring up close. It's bamboo. It's very eco-friendly and just feels good underneath. We chose it for environmental reasons, for look, and because it's engineered so we can place it over the floor heating tubes. We are putting it everywhere in the house - every room - with the exception of the bathrooms, mudroom and laundry room. It's even going in the basement and the basement suite. We will stain the stairs (which are NOT made of bamboo, but of birch (or beech? one of them ...) to match.

So, this is huge. Mudders and tapers are gone by week's end. Flooring starts Monday and will take about a week, then the Tony the tile guy moves in. We have ordered all the floor tile, they actually need to turn the heating tubes OFF for tiling. That will take just under a week.
From there, the trim team starts, and then paint. On my list for next week ..... is finalize paint colours, fabric choices, blinds .... ah, but I have solicited help for these. More on that next post.
I now officially have a team helping on this project.

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