Thursday, September 17, 2009

September 17, The Stair is the Thing

We have stairs! We have stairs! I am very excited about this. The house is completely changed by these lovely, floaty, lovely woodgrain, stairs.

Stopped by the house on my lunch to pick exterior house finish samples. There they were - the stairs guys. They were installed in three hours. There is one whole section missing- but we pretty much have a complete set of stairs! Here there are close up - can you see the nice wood grain. They will be stained to match the floors - and we will have glass railings with stainless steel handrails. They are all covered with plastic wrappers and wood pieces. They will be making an appearance later in this saga.
For now, we say good-bye to the ladder. The four year old will miss it. He could scale it like a little mountain goat. My mom, friend Sue and neice Kaitlin will be very happy to see the last of it, however.


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