Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 23: Tiles, tiles tiles

It's all about tiles this week. Did something I swore I would never do on this project. Did the thing that messes us projects. Tried not to, but couldn't help it. I changed my mind. About the tiles. Let me explain.
Early, early days when we were tearing pages from magazines and identifying what we liked and wanted. I saw several bathrooms with beautiful showers - with glass tiles in varying styles. I liked one in particular, it was bold, horizontal stipes of muted glass tile in two slightly different shades of grey and blue. Loved it. Another one was glass tiles - mixed colours in greens and blues - the entire back wall of this shower was done with them, lovely, both.

When I went to pick our tiles - I ran into more than one person who said they would show water spatters. Yuck. I am too Type A for water spatters. However, I thought I could deal.

Then, the more I looked around, the more the tiles seemed too much - too trendy, too expected. Not what I wanted for our shower. It felt kind of overdone and suburban model home (not that there's anything wrong with that ....) Lovely, but overdone. And I didn't want to look at them in three years and feel regret. So then, if not glass, then what? I hadn't any back up ideas. So, this means we had to come up with something.

I'm notusually indecisive. With the husband, I am even less so. The two of us get stuff done at a dizzying pace.

We just weren't feeling it with the tiles, though. There are dozens and dozen of beautiful, stunning tiles. It seems like there are even more selection that suit a contemporary style.

Breakthrough came on Friday. At this great local plumbing and bathroom store Preston Hardware Found these lovelies. And then came up with a great idea of what to do with them.
Stay tuned.

Also found this fun tile for the laundry room accent tile. Remember our washer and dryer are electric blue ...? Well, who could resist these? (the blue ones). Aren't they fun?
And while we are at it, why not these for the kids/main bathroom accent tile?

Along with these, we picked the rest of the floor and still have one or two wall tiles to go, but it's feeling great so far.
Our potential tile guy wants to meet with us tomorrow night - he wants to interview us before he takes the job. Makes me nervous. He's supposed to be very good. I will have to brush up on my tile acumen.
The husband fancies himself a bit of a tile guy. Owns a wet saw. Maybe we can sway him.

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