Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 24: Drywall amazement

Two posts in one day. So much going on. Our drywall is almost done. By the end of day Friday all of our boards will be up, Meanwhile, there has been a first coat of mud and tape on the first floor.
And they'll keep going.

These guys are doing it. (They wanted a blog mention.)

It's a hard job. And they are working at warp speed. Last weekend a team put up almost the entire first floor of boards (including ceiling) on one day. It changes everything. The whole place looks so different. Looks real and much more house-like. In a bit of a hurry to pick the paint colours now. The painters will start in about a week. No pressure or anything. Then the hardwood floors and tile will go in.
Getting so close now. Getting very hard to wait.


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