Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday, September 1: Closer and closer ....

It's September. That means it's Fall. That means I will be moving into my new home this season. It's getting closer, and it feels like it.

Seriously, I feel like my head is about to spin off. If only I had about 2-4 more hours a day....

With the kids back in school and a normal (albeit nanny-less this year) routine, we have to find some snippets of time here and there to get all of this stuff done. But between work, kids, dog, soccer, day care, making meals, laundry, cottage, more work, our friends and families .... there's just no time. We squeeze and multi-task like nobody's business. The house is sucking us dry right now. It's crux time.

We applied for a minor variance to the city planning dept. to NOT add a front carport addition on the garage (Long story, but if you can believe it, they felt our house was too far back from the sidewalk. As if. I can almost touch the street from the front step... it's ridiculous, but is due to some long ago by-law). We find out tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Electricians are finishing wiring this week, next week insulation starts. That should be a few days and we're counting on drywalling to begin Sept. 14th. Three weeks of that, then floors. Then painting, then installation of all cabinetry, built ins and plumbing and lighting fixtures ... counters, trim, blinds .. furniture.
Squeee ....!!

But we are still September 1st. And there's still so much to do ....
Last week,the husband and I took a full Friday to focus on final selections and other decisions we had to make. In two days, we accomplished more than we ever thought possible.

We ordered our bed and one side table ( I think it's rather art deco-ish):

With an 8 week delivery time, we ordered our sectionals, check out the downstairs one here (in white leather with the stainless steel legs, it's so yummy.):

We ordered two fireplaces (one for upstairs, one for down.) I've shown you the upstairs one.

We tentatively ordered the kitchen for the downstairs nanny suite. Kitchen Craft, shaker white, quite nice. Except we "guesstimated" the length of one wall from our plans, rather than measure the actual wall and were off by a foot or two, so now we have to re-jig. It's all good, though. We just switched out the stove and pantry and we're back on. This kitchen will be installed by us, we're not using our uber-designer Tanner for the downstairs suite.

The lighting continues to drive us around the bend. Last week and this, the electricians (there is actually a team of electricians ... one of them a woman, which is rare but aweseme) are installing it all right now. As we speak. So, we had to decide last week - not later -- whether or not to do the kitchen island lamps - as Tanner designed - or use the typical overhead pendant lighting. We loved the lamps, but couldn't find anything of the right height or size. Because they will sit right on - and be wired to - the island (they are permanently affixed) they have to be right. In the end, we told the electicians to wire the island, we'll find something. One idea is to cut down some floor lamps. I've since seen a few that are close. We'll find something or use

Meanwhile, the dining room light fixture was imporant to us. Here are several choices. Please let me know what you think. Our table is very long - almost nine feet, so it has to be of a certain size.

This one? (from a local antique lighting place)

Or this one? (From a local modern design place?)

Can you see our poor, horribly bored four year old playing in the snooty modern design store? We were all there - the whole fam -- and I'm sure the staff weren't terribly happy about it. Words of wisdom: If you want to be left alone in snobby stores - bring kids ... the (typically childless) staff will give you a very wide berth. Our kids have been troopers actually. We multi-task shopping with family time, by bribing them with meals and treats. The four year old found one of those cool, egg chairs at this store and spent about half an hour spinning, around and around ... he'd just eaten a massive chocolate milkshake, so I made him stop .. just in case.

The brick work continues .. check out one completed side:

Our bricklayer is 72 years old! He's been in the business for 50 years! His grandson works with him, does a lot of the lifting, but it's amazing. Each one of the pieces is 75 pounds. I am in awe as to the precision, and quality of work involved in doing this. I am loving the results, it's beautiful. Next is the remaining siding choices - hardy board and corrugated metal. We've picked it, and are now looking for an installer. We still need to find the right wood for the wood sections. This is next on the list: possibly marine mahogany, maybe cedar ... we're not final yet. We don't want it to be too orange-y.

My mom is visiting. She saw the house for the first time Sunday. She even climbed a 14 foot ladder to see upstairs. Sixty one and she's still got it! She is already a tremendous help to us - watching the kids so we can run around, or even just walk the dog at night so we get a rare moment of quiet to make key decisons.

Today the husband is ordering the flooring, the countertops. Next up for me, pick tile (bathroom, flooring, laundry room) buy lighting, find chairs for dining room table (I'm close). We'll also finalize the landscaping plan and get that started. We need decks, walkways, driveways etc. etc.
With this plan, we are making the official leap to NO GRASS. I love it. Can't wait to not cut the lawn......

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