Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some time much later ..... like, May 16th.. A Long Overdue Update

I blogged myself out I guess. No posts from me since the holidays (they were lovely and relaxing). It was quite a whirlwind and I needed a break - from everything. I will post a full roster of photos of the finished product ... that's coming up in a few days. But for now, I gathered a few pictures of the January to April "settling in and finishing" period ...

Below you can see how the Christmas tree looked in front of the garage door. And to the left, we put up some lights on our new front porch:

Since then, really, we have been chipping away at a variety of things that needed finishing .. including shelving, hooks, towel racks etc. for the mudrooms and bathrooms. The hot tub went in and we enjoyed it all winter. We did this and that, moved through each room .... house felt finished for the most part.

We threw a "Vintage" New Years party .... some of these pictures show bits of the house. Thetile wall behind the dining room table:

And the window seats .....

And a few shots of Lily's new bulletin board fabric and window seat, which we completed over the winter.

With most of the inside done .... naturally, as the snow melted, the outside began to weigh heavily. There was still quite a bit of debris (we had an early melt ..) and it was pretty ugly out there.

Another post will deal with the landscaping and what we did there.

Until then,


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