Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15th : On the Outside

Mid-September. The work continues, things moving forward. Insulation is in, drywalling starts tomorrow. Deck got built (except for floor boards). Garage doors next week. Stairs installed by the end of this week. Here's the front, as of Sunday.

But first some excitement. This guy has moved in. The husband got a call very early yesterday am, from frantic plumber reporting vermin in the eaves.

Mr. Thumbs walked right in the gaping hole in the back. They chased him out. He went to this spot. Stayed all day. Trouble was, he had no way down. The husband had to leave him the ladder ... we hope we escaped unscathed. But he needs to be evicted. No word yet today whether he came back or not. All seems quiet so far today.

Now that we think about it, we thought there were, ahem, traces on Sunday when we were there cleaning the site. (The whole family was there, stacking garbage, sweeping .. fun, fun, fun.) The garbage, it's everywhere. Construction sites, not so on the environmental side. We have no less than 5 bright blue recyle bins throughout the house, still there are coffee cups, water bottles, cans etc. strewn on the floor. Garbage cans (we have four) seem to be invisible to this particular employment sector. Therefore, we have all been spending our Sundays (especially the husband) cleaning up our construction debris and mess ..... Not to mention every lighting fixture, bathtub, cartons of nails, pieces of fireplace, piece of insulation , comes in a box, carton or bag of some kind.
Here's what we gathered in only one week. Lovely, isn't it?

But now for a much nicer view. We have quite a few outdoor spaces and we're starting to get a feel for what they will be like to hang out on. Here is the view from the main living area out to the back, though the garage door. The kids were enhaling some sugar there on Sunday ..... and then the opposite view, the back of the house:

And from the side:

Here is the doorway from our master bedroom to the balcony and then the view from there (view from best seat in the hot tub):

And the view out our front bedroom (the guest room) and the front balcony:

Will report later this week on stairs and interior finishing. Have quite a week ahead of me with picking tile for nine different areas, fabric for all window seats, sinks (we forgot about ordering those) and remaining furniture. This should be the most fun part of all .... the trouble is, I am fading. Yes, even me. I am losing energy.
Must. Gain. Strength.
Must. Keep. Shopping.

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