Thursday, October 1, 2009

October 3-5: Aarrrggghhhhh!

Just when things were swimming along - we're had a big glitch day on Friday.

First, the heat. We have to hook it up (radiant heat floors, remember?) to the boiler so it can run for five full days before the floors can go in. Heating guy was no show again Thursday(but he had a good reason. Apparently.) So then, he was supposed to come on Friday, so we could turn them on from Friday to Tuesday, and the floors could get started on Wednesday. The flooring guys were all ready for Monday.

He didn't show. Again. He said he'd come on the week-end. He didn't show. Again.

So, the husband found another company - this guy has always been a close second for this job -- and he said he would come Tuesday. (Update: He came a day EARLY. Just got word he and his team is there as we speak .... Yay for new heating guy! (whose name I don't know, but will get.)

All was not lost. We decided to flip the hardwood and tile installations. Tile needs heat OFF, so since it would be off awaiting the heating guy - we could lay the tile in our bathrooms and the mudroom.

However, the tile wasn't all in yet. And one of our favourite selections was not available in the size we wanted. So we required a quick trip to Emerald Tile (LOVE them ... dealt with Trista, who was lovely with us ... delayed leaving early for the day to help us out.) to sort it all out.

Picking the alternative tile meant we could pick it up on Saturday and the tilers could begin Monday. So this is what we did. We picked. Quickly. Then on Saturday, we lugged (ok, not so much a "we" as I was not as involved in the lugging as, say, others .. but I did help unload at some point). We had to take the trailer because the tile was very heavy. We got it all there, stacked neatly in the garage so they can proceed today. I believe they are doing so.

Also this weekend our painters put all the primer on - this is for the prime check. A prime check is a review of the drywall to make sure it's as good as it can be before paint. Place looks really great all painted up. Quite white as this point but so clean ...

Apparently, we have it on good authority that our drywallers were amazing. We agree. They were fast and very good. Dario and Robert Borsato Drywall. Great guys, too.

The third issue is our stupid hot tub. We bought it in May and it'be been with a storage/delivery company since. They can't figure out how to get it on our balcony. They guy has been to the house 3 or 4 times over the past few months, with various schemes. He says he has never had a situation where he couldn't get a hot tub to its rightful location. Ours is proving a challenge. On Friday he said he wanted us to take the doors off the upstairs and roll it in. This was his original plan - two months ago - when we didn't have doors, much less drywall. Needless to say, he is a little late for this plan. The husband wants him to use his crane to get it on the roof, and then the husband figures we"ll lower it from the roof to the upper balcony, manually. Yes, manually. He figures he'll "get a couple guys" and they'll move it down. Note to all friends of my husband: don't answer his calls over the next few weeks. He wants you to try to kill yourselves.

Obviously, I am not 100 per cent supportive of this idea. I think it's crazy. I am very worried about the hot tub taking people down. The hot tub weights 1,000 pounds. He calculates that he needs six guys to move it - approx. 200 pounds per grown man. God knows if they do help him, we'll need to fill it up immediately, to deal with those aching muscles.


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  1. Hahahahah.. you seriously bring a smile to my face! And yes.. guys and their crazy ideas... I often question "really..? REALLY?!?!" :)

    can't wait to read on and find out what the solution is!