Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18 - It's all Coming Together

Am. So. Excited.

The paint is on, the floors are er, well .... started? (More on this later, brutal, brutal flooring installation.) But the house is now looking like it might look - one day, very soon, when it's DONE! I think for the first time, I could see it, for real today.

Amazing painters have put one coat almost everywhere. Love, love, love the paint colours. Look even better than in my mind. I am convinced that Maureen, Tanner and I are colour geniuses.

Here is the evidence (although the pictures don't really do it justice) on the left is the wall behind the stove and hood fan and on the right is the wall which will be behind the bookshelves. This stroke of genius was Maureen's - who suggested it as a way to inject a bit more colour in an otherwise neutral space.

We also picked the dining table chairs (no pics of these, sorry) just nice white leather comfy chairs with steel legs. But we got these two accent chairs, which we will pull up to the table at each end, when required, but which will actually live in the corner near the garage door/bar area. They look like this:

And this cutest little table for between them. I can just picture us sitting there, in our chairs, calmly sipping our wine some crudites on the cute little table ...... Ha! More like, the four year old using the table for his Lincoln Logs. Ah, but I can dream.

So, the hardwood flooring. Here is the one long strip in the hall. Despite the installation, I really like the floor itself. Turned out lovely. It's a lot more variated than I thought, colour differentiaton is more pronounced than I expected.

Looks good. Would look much better is there was more of it. Here is our bedroom, about 80% done, as of later Saturday.

Only 3/4 of one room is complete after one week. Ok, it was a short week due to the Thanskgiving holiday, but still. These guys are so lazy, unmotivated, complaining and brutal that I almost can't believe it. Compared to the other trades, and professional craftsmen we have had the pleasure of dealing with, these guys are an abomination. Truly awful.
Didn't show on Tuesday, came for 10 minutes on Wednesday to "see if the floors were level". The foreman has been to the house maybe five times and our floor (which he has seen and stood on) is comprised of SELF LEVELLING material. But I digress .... Thursday the "crew" showed up, made a mess, lugged some boxes around and installed three rows of flooring in our master bedroom. They were there around one hour, maybe two including all the smoke breaks.

Calls to installation company by the husband (there were three by that point that week) which resulted in many promises that the lads would work the weekend and all day Friday.

Friday. The husband and I are on site for much of the morning. The "lads" work. Well, between smoke breaks, they do. Sort of. I guess. 3/4 of one room gets laid. That's it. They leave.

While I was there for a little more than an hour, they literally took a half hour lunch break and I witnessed them take 2 more smoke breaks. I think they were there from 9 ish to just before lunch.

Saturday. Our trusty and hard working exterior siding installers were there. We asked them to call us when the flooring guys arrived, so we could get a sense of timing. (We were on our way to Halloween haunted farm with the kidlets) They arrived around 10 am. At the end of the day (around 3 pm) we stopped in to check progress. The ONE ROOM was now around 80% complete. That's it. They left. Their tools were strewn about, so they were still technically there, but no sign of them. They did maybe two hours. Maybe. They left huge glue pots open, and actually left harwood pieces lying around on end with the glue stuck on. Just not put in place.

Unbelieveable. I opt to fire them, but the husband is worried about the schedule. He is going to insist on another crew, one that is constantly supervised by the flooring foreman. The floors have to be completed by Thursday end of day to keep the rest of our schedule.

Fun times. Still excited, but sigh .... why so lazy??

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