Monday, October 5, 2009

October 6th:

And now it's time for paint colours. I love picking paint colours. In a previous life, when I had a home staging and decor buisness, I loved doing this for other people. As far as I know, I was usually bang on. Probably my one talent is the ability to memorize colour. I can see it somewhere and re-create it or match it in my head. I took a colour course when I did my decor program and learned a lot about colour. I find it fun.

However, like many things in life, it's always easier to help others than it is to help yourself.

I have to pick all the colours for our new home. I have the colour scheme all decided in my head, just now have to pick actual colours and what goes where. It's an additional challenge for an open plan home. And I hate white walls. Always have.

So my main colour is a blue-ish, green-ish grey. Quite neutral and I love it with chocolate brown. Very water and earth. Or something. Anyway, if you want to check out a cool tool, here is the virtual colour wheel from Benjamin Moore.

So with the primer on the walls, the paint colours need to be finalized. Early this am, I stopped by the house to throw some sample colour up on the walls. The colour I thought I wanted is waaayyy too dark. The lighter shade is great, though. Tanner was also there with the installer (more on that later) so we had a brain wave and now I am all sorted out. Am using the colourful colour in a few places and going neutral elesewhere. I'm not typically one for white walls, beige are even worse, so this was hard for me. But there is a whole lot going on in our main room - with the stone wall, garage door, stainless steel, three different types of counters, dark floors, wood paneling and more ..... so I began to see the light. I must go far more neutral on the walls, with a few select spots for the colour. Am relieved. But now need the perfect greyish beige without any pink undertones. Must head back to BM for more samples.

When we were there this morning, the exterior siding guys were doing the metal and hardy board siding on the North wall. Here they are, hard at work:

Also today, the solar panel guy turned up. Yep, we're having solar panels installed, The husband is all over it, always has been. Here is the solar panel installer:

Also an update on the heat situation: The new heating guy showed up yesterday and re-did some of the existing work, fixed it and completed it. All done now. Heat is on. And may I say the house is very, very warm. Too warm. The drywallers doing the prime check today had to open garage door and windows - it's an oven in there. It's quite a nice day, kind of humid. They must be roasting. Now there has been another change of plan. Heat will stay on through to the weekend. Then, the hardwood installers start on Tuesday, right after the long weekend. We had to switch back because once the tile is installed, the heat needs to stay OFF for three weeks. So, the hardwood guys had to go first.

This, however, puts all the flooring in, ready for Nov. 10th, when the first of our cabinetry gets intalled. Yes, we got a date and a schedule today. That's why Tanner and the installer were meeting, to discuss schedule. Cabinets get installed for two weeks from the 10th to the 28th, putting our move in date to the last weekend in November. There is still counters to template, order and install, glass backsplash to install, and appliances to have delivered. But at least we have a schedule.

This is a significant milestone. And the first time we've had a date. If we, in fact, get in by Nov. 28th the house will have been built in six months. We wanted in by mid-November, but this is fine, too. We are in no real hurry to leave our rental and this way we have even more room for contingencies.

Now, to make it all lhappen,


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