Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October 20: Dribs and Drabs

Lots done yesterday and today.

Update on hardwood flooring: we fired the original crew and now have amazing, hardworking crew, who have already put the first guys to shame. We asked them to leave and take their tools and garbage with them.

Good progress today, as a result.

We now have a crew on each floor. Should be done by week's end. Of course, either the husband or the foreman is there every minute, watching over them.

Here is final North Wall of siding etc. We used corrugated metal in two colours in two directions, and hardie board (the cement board which forms the panels). Our installers were excellent. The site looks more immaculate now than it did before they started.

Here is the back section and the side window wells:

And here is the cedar that will be many places, the stain we decided on had a brownish-tone. Another coat will go on shortly, then it goes on the house, the wall, the canopies. Stay tuned.

And, finally. Look! The hot tub. It's here. (And it's apparently awfully .... pink.)

The husband says it is quite pink in person, which neither of us remember when we bought it. No fear, dear readers. Our master painter has already informed us it is easily painted with an acrylic exterior paint. We're on it. That pink will be beige, my friends. Oh yes. It will.

It's quite big, apparently, as well. We also don't remember this. I think we bought it in April, so I a not surprised we can't remember.

The guys got it there. Our hot tub mover retains his world record of meeting every hot tub challenge he's ever met.

Looking forward very much to our first soak.


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