Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December 9 : Fuming

The husband is not happy. The husband is steaming. He is by all accounts an extremely good natured person. Rarely have I seen him lose it in 15 years. However, yesterday his good nature reached full capacity. He's on edge. He is ready to have all of these lovely hardworking people .... out of our house!!

We've been in for two weeks now and are ready to actually settle in. We've been patient, we knew there would be additional stuff to do. But we are ready for it to be done, signed off. We are ready for them to be gone. We're there, but we've yet had a chance to enjoy it. Christmas is coming, and we need to unpack!!

The reason? Yesterday, almost nothing got done. He got home mid-day and there was almost no change. When you are living day to day, waiting for certain things to get done so that certain other things can get done, this is not a good thing.

Oh, they've all got their reasons. The cabinet guy couldn't finish the cabinetry and panelling on the bar area because it turns out ... the quartz counters over there were never actually installed. They should have been siloconed and leveled, but are actually just sitting on top! You will recall the countertop installers woke us at 730 am last Saturday to 'install" our counters. Not installed. Nope. Just kind of ..... resting. This means Brian, our cabinet installer can't exactly install cabinetry around it. So he left for the day.

Then, the glass backsplash, on which absolutely everything around the stove depends ... just didn't come, no real explanation. Maybe they will come tomorrow, they said. They already made a mistake with the first attempt - this was a rush order and was to be installed asap. Didn't come.

The glass railings were supposed to go in. That guy didn't come either. The glass was dropped off. It's nicely wrapped and sitting there. Not in the rails, on the floor. That guy called us a 8 pm to let us know he wasn't coming. He might come on Thursday.

Some debris was hauled away. Some AV stuff happened. But not all. The house was unchanged.
Overall, we still have closet poles to be installed, window cranks to be put in, closet doors to be fixed, a house number to go on, painting to be done, drywall repairs to be made ... blah, blah, blah ...

Today will be, hopefully, a busy day. We have our gas guy coming to install our hood fans, and turn on our fireplaces. Which would be great because we are having a winter storm and our floor heat is a little .... ahem, uneven. A fireplace or two wouldn't hurt to keep the place warm.

I think the floor need to be "bled" or adjusted or something. The heated floors are warm and toasty - almost too warm and toasty - in several parts of the house. In others, it's chilly. Apparently this is normal and adjustments are required. That is supposed to be this week.

On a happier note, check out the husband's office. We did some decorating over the weekend. That's a giant "W" for .... "Husband" whose name really starts with a "W". And a giant map of the world. Both available at your friendly neighbourhood IKEA.

Also quite lovely, our bedroom wallpaper. Check. It. Out.

Love it!!
Will send happiness update later.

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