Thursday, December 10, 2009

December 10th : Overview of the current state

Just to give you an idea of how we are living every day. It's been two weeks now, we have been living in the midst of all of this. It starts anywhere from 7 - 830 am ... and is almost always done by 5ish, but often goes til past six, depending on who is there. We have to be fully dressed at all times, and there is not one scrap of privacy. We also have to clear all of our personal stuff, dishes, homework, etc. out of the way so the various folks can get at what they need to get at.
When we get home the cardboard mountain is larger, debris is spread everywhere, and we have to hunt around for things that got misplaced. Two more days. We are pretty sure it will be all gone and done by Saturday.
There are issues with the counters that remain and that will be fixed on Saturday. They broke the master bathroom counter, and will be bringing another one on Saturday and the legs of the island are uneven. Sigh. Soon ... soon.
As for the husband's tantrum, today seems to be a much better day than yesterday. The fuming is over. There is still an edge, but he has come down considerably.

The glass is still a big problem. The backsplash glass STILL did not arrive 'from Montreal" .... so we cancelled it. We don't really need it, after all. We wanted the glass backsplash behind the stove to go all the way to the ceiling, it goes half way, right to the top white shelves. It's fine. It's good. We can install the hood fan and we are good to go. Gas stove got hooked up today. We can use it now.

It still scares me a little, that stove. I've never cooked with gas and it's rather large.

In other news, the glass railings for the stairs are being installed today. The glass company still managed to screw up a few of the panels, which were supposed to be made from TEMPLATES. But, most will be in place by the end of the day. Have been pretty terrified of kids - mine and others' - falling through and down the stairs. Will be very relieved to have those in.

We also have laundry now. The guys hooked up the washer and dryer, and placed them on a properly supported pedestal.

Funny story:

Last weekend, tired of more than a week of running to the rental house to do laundry - we tried to do a load in the new washing machine. The husband hooked it up. After a time, we could feel and hear this intense rattling and shaking sound from the laundry room. I was downstairs helped the ten year old with some French. It was deafening. And worrisome.

A few unanswered calls later and I dashed upstairs to find the husband braced against the wall, with both hands holding the machine in place as it rattled and shook like a small earthquake. Luckily the cycle was a short one.

So now, we have it all done up pretty and properly. How lucky am I to be able to do some major laundry tonight? Isn't my life exciting?
And if that wasn't enough, with the stove now in place, ready to use, I can even unpack the kitchen!! That's my big plan for tonight. I will be up for hours.
It's strange because I don't know yet how I will use the kitchen, where I will do my stuff, where I should put everything. It's larger than I am used to and since there are almost no uppers, it's throwing me a bit.
Must experiment.

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